Simoco Diagnostics appointed as first Scandinavian distributor for fingerprint drug test


Simoco Diagnostics Denmark New Scandinavian Distributor for Fingerprint Drug Test

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Simoco Diagnostics appointed as first Scandinavian distributor for fingerprint drug test

  • Danish and other Scandinavian organisations can now access convenient fingerprint drug testing as alternative to traditional urine or saliva methods

Simoco Diagnostics – a Danish-based distributor of high-quality rapid test products for organisations across Scandinavia – has been appointed as Intelligent Fingerprinting’s first distributor in the region.

Simoco will begin offering the hygienic and portable fingerprint drug test system in Denmark immediately. The Simoco team will support Intelligent Fingerprinting with local distribution and training for the easy-to-use, 10-minute drug test that works by screening fingerprint sweat for specific drugs or their metabolites.

Eva Baltzer, partner at Simoco Diagnostics said: “Thanks to its speed, convenience and hygienic approach, fingerprint drug testing offers a compelling alternative to existing test methods. We see a great opportunity in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia for Intelligent Fingerprinting to win market share – especially within the drug rehabilitation and transport sectors. The police have already shown interest in introducing this system in their different departments. The product has proven success and we look forward to sharing it with our customers and prospects.”

Philip Hand, Executive Chairman added: “We are delighted to add Simoco Diagnostics to Intelligent Fingerprinting’s expanding network of global partners. We’re excited by their enthusiasm and commitment to fingerprint-based drug testing, and we’re sure that this will prove a key factor in helping to establish our distinctive approach as a real alternative to traditional drug screening methods across Denmark and Sweden.”

Simoco Diagnostics focuses primarily on innovative products from leading manufacturers and has built up an excellent reputation across the region. They provide the biochemistry departments in Danish hospitals with control tests for their drugs of abuse requirements.

About Simoco Diagnostics
Simoco Diagnostics was founded in 2004 by Eva Baltzer and Peter Dal, and is a well-established distributor of high quality in vitro diagnostic products from leading manufacturers to hospitals, clinical and research laboratories, universities, the military and the broader medical/biotechnology sectors across Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia.

The partners are Eva Baltzer – who has an MSc in Biochemistry and has been working within the industry for more than 18 years, and Peter Dal who has a BSc in Engineering and joined the company full time in 2005 as a product specialist.

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