Workplace Drug Testing

Fingerprint drug testing offers a versatile and effective means of supporting a wide range of workplace drug testing scenarios – from pre-employment screens and random drug tests to post-accident investigations.

Quick, hygienic and easy-to-use, the Intelligent Fingerprinting system works by analysing fingerprint sweat to screen for multiple drug groups simultaneously. Sample collection takes seconds, with results in ten minutes.

Our experienced team provides guidance on company drug policy formulation and we also offer drug awareness training. Why not book a demo today to find out how fingerprint drug testing could support your business?

Abellio London Bus Case Study

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Fingerprint drug testing – an ideal choice for the workplace:

  • Quick and easy – Just seconds to collect a fingerprint sample, results in ten minutes
  • Hygienic and portable – Fuss-free drug testing anytime, almost anywhere
  • Versatile and dignified – Ideal for pre-employment screening, random and for-cause testing
  • End-to-end solution – Fingerprint-based laboratory confirmation service also available

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The ease-of-use and portability of the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System mean it is particularly flexible and a useful option for employers looking to implement truly random and spontaneous workplace testing. With the System providing a negative or positive result for each drug in the test in just 10 minutes, testers are immediately alerted to a potential employee issue and can act according to their organisation’s drug misuse policy.

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