Breath Alcohol Testing

For customers who prefer to work with one expert provider for all their drug and alcohol testing needs, we offer the Intoximeter – a lightweight, accurate and economical solution for quantifying breath alcohol content. Its simple operation and accurate readings have made it one of the most popular alcohol breath testers in the world.

The Intoximeter can be used by blowing into the machine through a mouthpiece, as well as for testing liquids and unconscious subjects using a special cup in place of the usual mouthpiece.

A printer accessory is also available, enabling test results to be printed quickly and easily.

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Take alcohol readings quickly and easily

The Intoximeter is 100% accurate and one of the most popular breath testers in the world

Tests for alcohol within 13 hours of alcohol consumption. The results are almost instant, giving a quick and clear result.

Weighs less than 250g

Quick and easy to screen results at the point of care.

A sample is captured by blowing into the machine through a mouthpiece. The Intoximeter can also test liquids and unconscious subjects using a cup in place of a mouthpiece.

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Safer testing with the TestSafe Mouthpiece

We now offer the Intoximeter TestSafe Mouthpiece, which provides a safer way to carry out breath alcohol tests. This simply attaches to the end of the regular mouthpiece, and filters the breath sample to reduce the expulsion of particles in the donor’s breath.

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