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Fingerprint drug testing is simple, convenient and dignified, whether you’re carrying out a test or providing a sample:

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Drug Screening Cartridge

Compact and lightweight, Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Cartridges enable non-invasive fingerprint sample collection in seconds, prior to analysis using the Intelligent Fingerprinting Reader 1000.

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Reader 1000

Portable and touchscreen operated, the Intelligent Fingerprinting Reader 1000 is used to analyse the fingerprint sweat sample collected onto the Drug Screening Cartridge.  Within minutes of inserting the Cartridge, a positive or negative result is provided on-screen for each drug in the test.

A fingerprint-based laboratory confirmation service is available to verify the preliminary screening result provided by the Reader 1000, if required.


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Fingerprint Collection Kit For Laboratory Analysis

The Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis is used to collect and send off fingerprint samples for laboratory verification of the results provided by the Reader 1000.  In common with other point-of-care tests, the Reader 1000 provides a preliminary drug screening result. We work with a third party laboratory to offer a quick, confidential confirmation service when the reassurance of an unequivocal test result is required.

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The Technology

Our revolutionary, non-invasive drug testing products have been developed in the UK by Intelligent Fingerprinting’s team of scientists. Our products work by collecting and analysing the minute traces of eccrine sweat contained in fingerprints to screen for the presence of target drugs or drug metabolites.


Our Technology

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