Leading UK Timber Processor and Packaging Manufacturer, James Jones & Sons, Adopts Intelligent Fingerprinting’s Drug Screening System Across its 25 Sites and 1,300 Employees


James Jones & Sons.

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James Jones & Sons Ltd will use 11 readers deployed across the company’s 25 UK locations. The company will implement a random testing program for its 1,300 employees to proactively support its new substance misuse policy launched in November 2023.

Rosetta Forbes, Group Head of HR for James Jones & Sons Ltd, said, “James Jones has some 1,300 employees, many of whom operate high-risk machinery such as sawmill cutting equipment, pallet & packaging manufacturing units, and wood harvesting machinery. As an innovative company, we want to push our safety record forward, and Intelligent Fingerprinting will be central to our new substance misuse policy.

“We are rolling out Intelligent Fingerprinting’s Drug Screening System to provide in-house testing that will be available across all our sites, including our remote/rural operations, as required,” added Rosetta Forbes. “The system is a great match for our needs. It is easy for our HR and Health and Safety colleagues who are not medically trained to use. The system is non-invasive, fast, and cost-effective across our urban as well as remote locations, with easy sample collection that takes only seconds. On-site results for multiple drug groups in just ten minutes makes Intelligent Fingerprinting a very efficient and innovative solution for James Jones & Sons Ltd to adopt.”

James Jones & Sons Ltd’s in-house HR team will work collaboratively with their Health and Safety colleagues, as well as some local managers, who are all trained to use the sweat-based drug screening system to manage testing as required. The company has carefully planned the roll-out, incorporating a company-wide amnesty period that welcomes employees to approach the company for wellbeing support before the new policy came into force in December.

James Jones has purchased 11 Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Systems consisting of portable DSR-Plus readers and single-use chain of custody sample collection cartridges. These will be located at the company’s testing hubs that will geographically cover their 25 locations across the UK. The company’s Australian operations are also watching the deployment with a view to potentially expand the use of the system to that region.

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