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Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridge DSC 8-Plus For OPI/MTD/BZO/BUP – Box of 25

Enables quick and hygienic sample collection in under one minute. For use with the DSR-Plus Drug Screening Reader.

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The DSC 8-Plus Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridge is a 4-panel screening test for opiates, methadone, benzodiazepines and buprenorphine. It enables quick, dignified sample collection in seconds.

With the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Cartridge, sample collection takes less than a minute and there’s no need for specialist collection staff or specially prepared sample collection areas, so drug screening can be carried out at a time and place that suits you – ideal for random and for-cause tests. The DSR-Plus Reader is required to read the Cartridge to provide a negative or non-negative result for each drug in the test.

The Cartridge is compact, lightweight and comes in a sealed-foil pouch, ready for use whenever and wherever it is needed.  Once the fingerprints have been collected onto the sample application pad, the sample is protected by a tamper-evident cover that slides across the Cartridge and locks into place.


  • Non-invasive sample collection in under a minute
  • Results in 10 minutes (requires the DSR-Plus Reader)
  • Hygienic and dignified
  • Short window of detection is ideal for identifying recent drug use
  • Ideal drug panel to support drug treatment programmes

How It Works

Once the sample has been collected, the Cartridge is analysed in just 10 minutes using the Intelligent Fingerprinting DSR-Plus portable reader.

In common with other point-of-care tests, our screening test provides a preliminary screening result so a laboratory confirmation test should always be carried out to verify a positive result.


Our drug screening system is easy to use, however full training is required. The comprehensive training program covers all aspects of our Drug Screening System, comprising the DSR-Plus Reader, Printer and Drug Screening Cartridges.

More Information About Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridges

Box Contents: 25 Cartridges.

Please note that use of Intelligent Fingerprinting products outside the UK may be subject to local regulatory approvals. If in doubt, please check your local regulations before ordering.

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