Press Release: Intelligent Fingerprinting raises £200,000 in seed funding


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8 January 2010

Press Release

Intelligent Fingerprinting raises £200,000 in seed funding

Intelligent Fingerprinting today announced it has completed its first round seed funding through the ICENI challenge fund.

The funds will be released in two tranches over 2 years against pre-agreed milestones linked to use of its high definition, high sensitivity fingerprinting technology for simultaneous detection of identity and chemical metabolites secreted through the skin.

Intelligent Fingerprinting technology uses magnetic particles and high sensitivity antibodies to detect metabolites of illicit drugs and nicotine in sweat in as little as 15 minutes. In detecting high definition fingerprints and drug metabolites at the same time it also identifies the source of these metabolites making law enforcement applications of the technology much simpler.

Commenting on the release of funds which will lead to further development of the company’s technology Intelligent Fingerprinting founder Prof. David Russell stated, “ICENI has seen the potential of our technology and its investment provides us with support to expand development resources. We already have a number of assays established and are expanding these to include other markers of interest in forensics, to broader law enforcement and homeland security uses”.

John Polden of ICENI, who will become the Chairman of Intelligent Fingerprinting added, “The technology developed in the School of Chemistry at University of East Anglia, Norwich, impressed our investment board with its reproducibility and clarity. We see a global marketing opportunity for these assays in forensics and are encouraging the company to seek further collaborations with police forces and homeland security organisations and expand its routes to market as quickly as possible”.

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