How to Use Our Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridge


Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridge

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At Intelligent Fingerprinting, we pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions that make drug testing more efficient and user-friendly. One of our flagship products, the Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridge, epitomises this commitment. Today, we’re excited to guide you through the simple process of using these cartridges, ensuring you understand their ease of use.

Quick & Easy Sample Collection

The beauty of our Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridge lies in its simplicity. With this cartridge, collecting a sample takes less than a minute. There’s no need for specialist collection staff or specially prepared areas. This flexibility means drug screening can be conducted at a time and place that suits you, making it perfect for both random and for-cause tests.

Fingerprint drug screening cartridge

Each cartridge is compact, lightweight, and comes in an individual sealed-foil pouch, ensuring it’s ready for use whenever and wherever needed. After collecting the fingerprints onto the sample application pad, the sample remains protected by a tamper-evident cover. This cover slides across the cartridge and locks into place, ensuring the integrity of the sample.

End-to-End Drug Testing with Laboratory Analysis

While our cartridges provide a convenient initial drug screening test, we understand the importance of comprehensive results. That’s where our Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis comes into play. This kit is an integral part of our end-to-end fingerprint-based drug testing solution. It works in tandem with our Drug Screening Cartridge and the DSR-Plus reader.

Should there be a need for further verification of results, the Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis offers a non-invasive method to confirm fingerprint drug screen outcomes. We also provide Consent Forms for Drug Screening and Laboratory Confirmation, ensuring the process is transparent and consensual.

Support & Training

We’re not just about providing products; we’re here to support you every step of the way. Intelligent Fingerprinting offers a comprehensive training program to ensure users are not only well-versed in the drug testing process but also achieve a level of competency that is recognised through certification. Our training covers everything from understanding the technology to hands-on demonstrations, ensuring that you are not only equipped with the knowledge to conduct tests confidently but also certified to demonstrate your proficiency and reliability in using our drug testing solutions.

Fingerprint drug testing being used in house by PJ Hegarty building constractors

The Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridge, combined with our end-to-end drug testing solution, showcases our dedication to revolutionising the drug testing landscape. We believe in making the process as seamless, efficient, and dignified as possible. Stay tuned for more insights and guides from us

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