UK’s largest independent chemical manufacturer takes drug testing in-house with Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System


Robinsons Brothers chemical manufacturer

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Robinson Brothers, one of the UK’s largest independent chemical manufacturers, is now using Intelligent Fingerprinting’s revolutionary portable Drug Screening System to support its drug and alcohol testing policy.

Robinson Brothers runs a 24/7 chemical manufacturing operation at its West Bromwich facility. The company’s HR team found that its previously outsourced drug testing provision was not responsive enough to support its requirements. Adopting the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System will allow Robinson Brothers to bring drug testing in-house, with its portability, flexibility and ease-of-use enabling random testing across the business and for cause tests wherever and whenever needed.

“We previously used an external provider to carry out urine-based drug testing on a random basis. This was not only unhygienic and intrusive for everyone involved, but also invariably led to productivity delays as people sat around waiting to be tested,” explained Steve Doyle, Human Resources Manager at Robinson Brothers. “However, when we found out about fingerprint-based drug screening, we immediately saw how we could conduct our own testing in-house and in a much less invasive way. Additionally, because the system is so portable and easy to use, it works as an on-site visual deterrent and provides a great way of supporting our Drug and Alcohol Policy across the business.”

“From our initial cost analysis, we see fingerprint-based drug screening as highly cost-effective,” added Steve. “Including the initial capital costs of the DSR-Plus drug screening cartridge reader, we estimate that Intelligent Fingerprinting will allow us to conduct the same volume of tests at around half the cost. This, of course, becomes even more competitive as capital costs are written down.”

“As a 24/7 manufacturing operation, Robinson Brothers clearly appreciated the flexibility that sweat-based drug testing provides, giving the HR team the ability to screen employees whenever they need to,” added Harry Simeonidis, President and Chief Executive Officer at Intelligent Bio Solutions. “What’s clear is that our portable, non-invasive system takes the complexity out of workplace drug testing and is increasingly replacing traditional workplace testing methods using urine and saliva.”

An introductory video demonstrating fingerprint-based drug testing in action is available here.

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