World’s first portable fingerprint drug test now available to buy in Poland


Poland fingerprint drug test

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World’s first portable fingerprint drug test now available to buy in Poland

Intelligent Fingerprinting is delighted to welcome Integra Diagnostic to its expanding international distributor network. Integra is based in Poznan, Poland and will be the first company to market and sell the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System across the country.

Slawomir Gnalicki of Integra commented:  “Our company, Integra Diagnostic, is a provider of best practice solutions in the Polish diagnostic market. We’re excited to offer Intelligent Fingerprinting’s pioneering solution because it is a new, highly innovative product in the rapid diagnostic test market.

“It is particularly impressive that the test can screen for four different types of drugs within 10 minutes just from fingerprint sweat! In addition, the technology is able to utilise the sweat from with a living or a dead person – with very high accuracy confirmed by laboratory techniques. We believe this capability is a perfect solution for criminal justice and drug rehabilitation purposes.

“We also see the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug screening test being used widely across the workplace market where safety is crucial, as well as important sectors such as the police, military, prisons, clinics and rehabilitation centres, and airport/border control applications. We believe the product has great potential and we are delighted to be marketing it across our country.”

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