Launch of world’s first fingerprint-based drug use confirmation test


Fingerprint collection kit for laboratory analysis - a fingerprint-based drug use confirmation test

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Launch of world’s first fingerprint-based drug use confirmation test

  • Introduction of new Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis confirms availability of first, end-to-end fingerprint-based drug testing solution
  • Confirmation test validated for use by leading testing laboratory LGC, who will provide a target two-working-day turnaround for fingerprint-based drug confirmation tests

Intelligent Fingerprinting has launched the world’s first fingerprint-based drug use confirmation test. The test has been fully validated by independent testing laboratory LGC following almost three years of collaboration between the two organisations. With the introduction of its new Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis, Intelligent Fingerprinting has confirmed the availability of the industry’s first end-to-end drug testing solution based on the company’s revolutionary fingerprint-based technology.

The new kit enables organisations to collect and process fingerprint samples to verify the results of an initial fingerprint-based drug screening test. It provides everything needed to send A & B samples to the LGC independent testing laboratory in Fordham, Cambridgeshire for confirmation of the original test results using Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry techniques.

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s initial drug screening test works by analysing sweat from a fingerprint to determine if someone has recently used cocaine, opiates, amphetamines or cannabis. Should an individual’s screening test provide a positive result – in contravention of a drug misuse policy, for example – testers can use the new Fingerprint Collection Kit to collect samples for a subsequent laboratory-based confirmation test. The kit includes a tamper-evident security bag, barcodes to maintain anonymous sample identity, and a postage-paid returns envelope.

“For any drug testing approach to be successful it is critical that both testers and those being tested are completely confident in the accuracy of the system being used. That’s why Intelligent Fingerprinting has been working closely with the Human Drug Testing team at LGC to support their development and validation for our fingerprint-based confirmation test,” commented Intelligent Fingerprinting’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Jerry Walker.

“The launch of this service also coincides with the publication this week of research in Clinical Chemistry by the mass spectrometry research team at the University of Surrey, where Dr Melanie Bailey and her team have detailed their important work regarding environmental traces of cocaine or heroin found on donors’ fingertips,” added Dr Jerry Walker. “That’s why, in creating the Intelligent Fingerprinting confirmation test, we have designed a confirmation collection protocol to protect against potential contribution from environmental sources.”

LGC was chosen as Intelligent Fingerprinting’s laboratory partner thanks to its reputation as a global leader in laboratory analysis for the detection of banned drugs. From its state-of-the-art laboratories in Fordham, Cambridgeshire, LGC will support users of the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug testing solution with a rapid target turnaround time of two working days for drug confirmation test samples collected using the new Fingerprint Collection Kit.

Fingerprint-based workplace drug testing – how it works

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s end-to-end drug testing solution features a single-use, tamper-evident drug screening cartridge that takes just five seconds to collect a sweat sample. The Intelligent Fingerprinting portable analysis unit then reads the cartridge and provides a positive or negative result on-screen for cocaine, opiates, cannabis and amphetamines.

Should an individual’s initial screen prove positive for any of the four drugs tested – in contravention of an organisation’s drug policy – the drug test administrator can now collect fingerprint samples for laboratory confirmation using the new Intelligent Fingerprinting Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis. Once the confirmatory samples have been collected, the Fingerprint Collection Cartridges are sent in a tamper-evident security bag for analysis. Confirmation testing is standard practice in the services used for employee drug screening. This is the first time that the convenience of fingerprints can be used in the same way.

The following introductory video demonstrates fingerprint drug testing in action:


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About LGC
LGC is an international leader in the extended life sciences sector, including human healthcare, agri-food & the environment. LGC provides a comprehensive range of reference materials, proficiency testing schemes, genomics reagents and instrumentation, as well as research and measurement services. Its scientific tools and solutions enable organisations to advance research, develop new products and form an essential part of their quality and compliance procedures.

LGC’s 2,300 employees include internationally-recognised scientists who are experts in their field. Headquartered in London, it operates out of 19 countries worldwide and is extensively accredited to quality standards such as GMP, GLP, ISO 13485, ISO 17034, ISO 17043, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001.

LGC has been home to the UK Government Chemist for more than 100 years and is the UK National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute for chemical and bio measurement. LGC has been privately-owned since 1996 and has diversified through internal investment and acquisition to be an international leader in its chosen niche markets. LGC is now owned by funds affiliated with KKR.

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About Intelligent Fingerprinting
Launched in August 2017, Intelligent Fingerprinting’s portable Drug Screening System works by analysing the sweat from a fingerprint sample. It is non-invasive, fast and cost-effective – screening for multiple drug groups simultaneously (currently amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine and opiates) with sample collection taking 5 seconds and results in minutes. A laboratory confirmation service is also available.

The system is currently being marketed to the criminal justice arena, drug rehabilitation services, offender management, workplace and occupational health services. The technique has potential for many other uses including healthcare diagnostics and homeland security applications.

Founded in 2007, Intelligent Fingerprinting is a spin-out company from the University of East Anglia (UEA).  The company is based in Cambridge, England and currently employs around 30 people. Twitter @iFingerprinting

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