Auctus Management successfully completes 25,000 tests using Intelligent Fingerprinting


Auctus Management completes 25,000 Intelligent Fingerprinting drug tests

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  • Part of comprehensive candidate validation process by Auctus Management, with rapid fingerprint drugs test, alcohol breathalyzer, CSCS check, and biometric access card production all completed in just 11 minutes
  • Easy-to-use fingerprint sweat test selected to promote construction worker health and safety adherence


Auctus Management Group, has successfully completed 25,000 Intelligent Fingerprinting drug tests on one of the largest construction sites in Europe.

The innovative Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System uses sweat to determine recent ingestion of cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine or cannabis. Auctus Management Group has successfully deployed the system as part of a comprehensive construction worker induction process. Candidates are required to take the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug test, which delivers results onsite within minutes. During this time, the candidate also undergoes an alcohol test, has their Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card checked, and their biometric card is produced.

Richard Toy, CEO of Auctus Management Group, explained, “We won the contract to screen and provide employee inductions for this construction project  –one of the largest construction sites in Europe, and a key differentiator for us was our proposal to use the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System. This helped our tender stand out against traditional urine and saliva drug testing alternatives. When we initially looked at the logistics involved, it simply was not feasible to use traditional urine-based drug tests, especially because of the need for dedicated drug test restroom facilities for that many people. The Intelligent Fingerprinting test has many benefits, including rapid on-site results, hygiene, non-intrusiveness and convenience for testing at scale. The test continues to work very well, and we are proud to now have completed this significant milestone of 25,000 fingerprint drug tests for this particular project.”

“Efficiency is the key, and we have a highly efficient screening process featuring the Intelligent Fingerprinting system at its core. We run six consultation cubicles. On entry, the candidate provides a fingerprint sweat sample, taking less than a minute. While we wait a few short minutes for the Intelligent Fingerprinting results, we breathalyze for alcohol consumption, check CSCS credentials, and, if required, can also take the biometric details for their security cards. This is now a proven delivery process, enabling us to take each candidate through the process in only 11 minutes. We simply could not deliver this project at scale using urine or saliva drug tests,” he concluded.

Auctus Management Group leads the transformation of the UK’s infrastructure with rail, civils, and utilities expertise via its group members, RSS Infrastructure and INFRA Skills. They provide services ranging from Arboriculture to Welding, excel in the delivery of client projects, offer high-quality training for the rail and construction sectors, and manage high-profile induction programmes.


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