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Vantec Case Study

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VANTEC Europe Ltd, part of one of the world’s largest global third-party logistics providers, has selected the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug testing solution – including six DSR-Plus portable readers and virtual training – as part of a major initiative to bring its drug testing in-house.

Based in Tyne and Wear, VANTEC provides logistics and warehousing services to clients including Komatsu UK, Thorn Lighting, Rolls-Royce Car manufacturing and Nissan Motor Manufacturing.

The company has opted for the fingerprint-based approach to help improve efficiency and dramatically reduce its cost per test. Given that VANTEC employees frequently operate potentially dangerous machinery such as forklifts, VANTEC will utilise the Intelligent Fingerprinting system to ensure they test all new starters before they proceed to induction during the HR process.

VANTEC Europe works actively to support adherence to its health and safety drug usage policy, and is committed to promoting safety for its employees, colleagues and customers. In the rare event of an accident, the company previously used an external provider to carry out postincident drug tests to check whether any employees involved were under the influence of illicit drugs.

After a review of market options for drug and alcohol testing, and to expand on the current initiative, VANTEC has introduced a broader drug testing programme to include new starters and random testing. The Intelligent Fingerprinting system, which can be managed in-house, is available on demand and offers a much more efficient way of supporting VANTEC’s health and safety objectives.

Diane Elgar, HR General Manager, VANTEC Europe Ltd says:

“As part of our ongoing commitment to employee safety and wellbeing, we were keen to show to our workforce that we have broadened the use of drug testing across the business in support of our existing drug usage policy. We believe we now have a flexible and effective method of delivering a test whenever we need to. It was clear that we needed to bring the entire drug testing process in-house.

As part of our drug testing market research, we spoke to one of our clients – and they invited us to see the Intelligent Fingerprinting solution in action. Using a sample of fingerprint sweat, a single-use collection cartridge, and a portable reader that is operated on-site, our client was able to show how fingerprint-based testing was quick, hygienic and easy to use – with results in only minutes.

The testing process was particularly simple, giving us the confidence that we would be able to manage it ourselves, in-house. We decided there and then that the Intelligent Fingerprinting system was the right approach for VANTEC Europe. I just wish we had known about Intelligent Fingerprinting two years ago!”

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