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CAIS Case Study

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CAIS, a leading rehab and recovery charity, is using fingerprint-based drug testing from Intelligent Fingerprinting to support recovery at its Parkland Place clinic in North Wales. According to CAIS, testing with the Intelligent Fingerprinting portable drug test is quick, hygienic and dignified – making it an ideal point-of-care solution for use at its residential facilities.

CAIS is focused on helping people to recover from addiction and rebuild normal, productive lifestyles. The personal support charity has deployed fingerprint drug testing at its new Parkland Place luxury residential rehabilitation centre on the edge of Old Colwyn in North Wales. Regular drug testing is carried out to monitor clients’ progress towards recovery.

In contrast with traditional testing procedures involving saliva or urine, fingerprint sample collection is more dignified, hygienic and quick. All Parkland Place clients need to do is provide fingerprint sweat samples onto the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug screening cartridge, which can be collected and analysed on-site during one of their regular meetings. Sample collection takes seconds, with drug screening results available in just ten minutes for discussion there and then with the client.

In contrast with traditional drug testing procedures involving saliva or urine, fingerprint sample collection takes only a few seconds and proves more dignified and hygienic for both Parkland Place guests and staff. As well as significantly speeding up the process of testing for people in detox and rehab, fingerprint drug testing is also more convenient and cost-effective as there is no need for specialist collection or biohazardous waste disposal facilities.

Clive Wolfendale, CAIS Chief Executive says:

“Our highly qualified teams work closely with each guest to understand their individual needs and provide the strongest chance of recovery. While drug testing is an important part of our dedicated detox services, we’re always keen at CAIS to ensure a safe and empathetic environment. The Intelligent Fingerprinting test method ensures that we can screen our guests in a dignified and hygienic way.

“CAIS facilities – such as our new Parkland Place luxury residential centre – set the standard for the provision of best practice rehabilitation services, and we’re committed to supporting our detox and rehabilitation programmes with innovative solutions like the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug test which improve our service.”

For the full case study (pdf), please click on the image below:

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