Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing Product Brochure


Intelligent Fingerprinting Product Brochure

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Introducing Intelligent Fingerprinting – the fingerprint-based approach to drug testing that’s simply more convenient all round.

• Quick and easy – sample collection in seconds, results in 10 minutes

• Hygienic and portable – hassle-free drug testing anytime, almost anywhere

• Versatile and dignified – ideal for many different organisations and applications

• One-stop solution – from initial drug screening tests to laboratory confirmation

Our portable, hygienic system allows you to screen for commonly abused drugs with ease. Ten fingerprint samples are quickly collected onto a small, tamper-evident drug screening cartridge. This cartridge is then inserted into the DSR-Plus reader for analysis, with clear on-screen results provided in just 10 minutes.

Minimal training is required to use the system, with no need for special testing facilities or clinical waste disposal of used tests. This means it’s now easier and more efficient for organisations to carry out testing themselves, providing the flexibility to test wherever and whenever it’s needed and removing reliance on costly third-party collection services.

Thanks to its ease of use and portability, our system can always be close at hand to provide a reliable insight into potential drug misuse in the 16 hours or so before testing.

This short window of detection offers a better indication of likely impairment than traditional tests with longer detection periods. Many companies find this feature invaluable for fitness for duty testing in the workplace.

We are able support all your drug testing needs – from initial screening tests, to laboratory confirmation – and our diverse customer base includes employers, drug treatment services, family safeguarding organisations and even coroners. We also offer breath alcohol tests, providing a one-stop solution for all your drug and alcohol testing needs.

Our service doesn’t stop when you buy our system, as our expert customer services team and account managers are always on hand to offer training and ongoing support. For your convenience, we provide a choice of online or face-to-face training.

Find out all about the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing System in our useful eight-page brochure. Click on the image below to open the PDF brochure in a new window:

Intelligent Fingerprinting Product Brochure

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