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ParkerSteel Limited, a leading UK steel stockholder and processor working with manufacturing and construction firms, is deploying fingerprint drug testing as part of its continual health and safety initiatives.

ParkerSteel will use Intelligent Fingerprinting‘s drug screening system to encourage adherence to the company’s drug safety policy by employees, including HGV drivers in charge of up to 40-tonne steel loads.

The fingerprint drug test analyses fingertip sweat to screen for cannabis, cocaine, opiates and methamphetamine, identifying potential drug use within around 16 hours prior to the test. This is the timeframe within which illicit drug use is most likely to affect employees’ fitness for duty, potentially putting themselves, their colleagues and the general public at risk. Results are available on the spot in ten minutes, with high levels of accuracy.

ParkerSteel is also making full use of the fingerprint-based system’s flexibility as part of its ongoing testing regime by carrying out testing for new employee induction, random, just cause and post incident. The portable fingerprint test will replace the company’s previous use of urine tests.

ParkerSteel has recognised the versatility of fingerprint-based drug testing to find new ways to encourage adherence to its drug safety policy. The fact that the test enables rapid in-house testing without special facilities or specialist staff not only saves time and money but also helps ensure truly random testing. In addition, the portability of the Intelligent Fingerprinting test method allows ParkerSteel to test drivers at the depot or during non-driving time, meaning there’s no impact on productivity.

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s simple fingerprint-based sweat test takes around 10 minutes to screen for cocaine, cannabis, opiates and methamphetamine. Hygienic and easy to use, it offers a more dignified and convenient approach to drug testing than conventional tests which require urine or saliva samples.

Andrew Stephens, Group Health & Safety Manager at ParkerSteel says:

“The portability and rapid results delivered by the Intelligent Fingerprinting system mean we have been able to change our drug testing operations for the better – improving employee safety.

With our heavy steel products, we are always dealing with potentially dangerous situations. As a company we are very safety conscious – as any accident involving the processing, manoeuvring and transport of such heavy products could be unforgiving. ParkerSteel is focused on ensuring that our employees are fit for work, and this is why Intelligent Fingerprinting’s drug test is an excellent choice for our workplace drug testing needs. With its shorter window of detection, Intelligent Fingerprinting provides us with a quick and dignified way of identifying potential employee drug misuse in the period immediately prior to their working shift. We find that this screening approach gives us significantly better insight into possible impairment than the urine test we were using previously.

Due to the system’s portability, we can now test drivers randomly when they are in charge of steel loads of up to 40 tonnes. A key company safety requirement is that on each of our 48 HGV loaded journeys the driver pulls over into a safe place after five miles to check that chains and webbing straps are still secure, and the load is safe. We have just started to take advantage of this safety stop to carry out some random drug tests.”

To read the full case study (pdf), please click on the image below:

ParkerSteel Case Study

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