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Chasetown Civil Engineering Case Study

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Civil engineering specialist Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd is using innovative fingerprint-based drug testing to support health and safety initiatives on its construction sites. The company – responsible for many major earthworks and excavation, roads and sewers and infrastructure construction projects across the UK – has an active health and safety policy to ensure the safety of its employees and the public.

The fingerprint drug test will be used for post-incident, for cause and random drug testing to promote drug policy adherence – replacing a saliva-based testing approach. Intelligent Fingerprinting’s 10-minute drug test works by collecting an employee’s fingerprint sweat samples onto a small drug screening cartridge. Quick and easy-to-use, the hygienic system also enables social distancing while drug testing takes place.

Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd is using the fingerprint drug test system to help ensure that its construction staff are all working safely – and protecting themselves, their colleagues and the public. The Intelligent Fingerprinting method tests for evidence of very recent drug use – enabling organisations like Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd to determine more accurately whether an employee is fit to work while on site.

Intelligent Fingerprinting testing can be carried out without expensive external testing support and because no specialist testing areas or biohazardous disposal services are required, the process is simple to use in-house as often as required.

Karl Griffin, HSE Director Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd says:

“Due to the nature of our projects, our employees often drive heavy machinery such as earth movers, excavators and dumpers. That’s why we operate a no-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, to ensure our employees are always fit to handle or be around such potentially dangerous machinery. For years we have used an in-house saliva test for limited random testing, or after a rare incident or report of a concern, for example. However, we were really attracted to the Intelligent Fingerprinting method. Not only can I carry out the drug test myself and get rapid results as required, but I’m also able to collect samples while maintaining social distancing from the employee – a major benefit when we’re trying to keep our workforce moving during the pandemic. Both parties can also wear masks throughout the test if needed.

We have a first-class health and safety record, demonstrating our commitment to the safe operating environment that we provide to our employees and clients. The health and safety of our site operatives is paramount. Adopting the Intelligent Fingerprinting method is a major step forward in our drug testing and drug policy development.”

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