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A non-negative result on a workplace drug screening test can be an unsettling experience for an employee. However, it is important for employers to handle such situations in a fair and respectful manner, and to follow all relevant laws and regulations. If you are an employer and one of your employees has received a non-negative drug screening test result, there are several steps you should take to ensure a smooth and effective resolution.

Step 1: Confirm the Results

The first step after a non-negative drug screening test result is to confirm the results with a laboratory test. This is important to ensure that the results are accurate and to eliminate the small possibility of a false positive.

Confirming the results with a laboratory test will give both the employer and employee peace of mind and help to ensure that appropriate actions can be taken based on an unequivocal result.

Step 2: Review Company Policy

The next step is to review your company’s drug testing policy to determine what actions should be taken in the event of a confirmed positive test result. Your policy should outline the consequences for a non-negative test result and any next steps that should be taken. For example, some companies may require employees who receive a confirmed positive test result to enter a rehabilitation program, while others may require the employee to undergo additional testing or counselling.

Step 3: Discuss the Results with the Employee

Once the results of the confirmatory test are available, it is important to speak with the employee about the confirmed positive test result. This may include discussing the employee’s substance use and any underlying issues that may be contributing to it, as well as outlining any consequences or next steps that will be taken in accordance with company policy. It is important to handle these discussions in a non-judgmental and empathetic manner, and to be aware that substance abuse is a complex issue that can be difficult to overcome.

Step 4: Offer Support

If the employee is struggling with substance abuse, it is important to offer them support and resources to help them overcome their addiction. This may include providing access to counselling or rehabilitation services, or referring the employee to an employee assistance program. Substance abuse is a treatable condition, and by offering support and resources, you can help the employee get on the path to recovery and maintain their employment.

Step 5: Document the Process

It is important to document all aspects of the process, including the results of the drug test, any conversations with the employee, and any actions taken in accordance with company policy. This documentation will provide a record of the process and can be useful in the event of any legal proceedings.

A confirmed positive result on a workplace drug test can be a difficult situation for both the employee and the employer. However, by following these steps and handling the situation in a fair and respectful manner, you can help the employee overcome their substance abuse and maintain their employment.

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