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As we rapidly approach The Health & Safety Event at The NEC, Birmingham, the anticipation within our team is building. We are thrilled to showcase our innovative solutions to current and potential clients, demonstrating how our fingerprint sweat drug testing system is setting new standards in the health and safety industry.

Why Visit Our Stand at 4/D60

At Stand 4/D60, we invite you to experience firsthand how our revolutionary system can transform your organisation’s approach to drug testing. Traditional methods often involve considerable time, potential biohazards, and can infringe on the privacy and dignity of employees. Our fingerprint-based method addresses all these concerns, providing a quick, hygienic, and dignified solution that respects your workforce’s privacy while saving time and reducing costs.

What to Expect at Our Stand

  1. Live Demonstrations: Witness our cutting-edge technology in action. See for yourself how quick and easy it is to conduct drug tests using our system. Our live demos will give you a clear understanding of the operational and time-saving benefits our system offers.
  2. Guest Experiences: Hear from our special guest clients about their real-world experiences with our system. They will share insights into the implementation process and the positive impact it has had on their organisations, from improving safety standards to enhancing employee relations.
  3. One-on-One Consultations: We are offering personalised sessions for attendees who wish for a deeper dive into their current processes. Our experts will be available to discuss how transitioning to the Intelligent Fingerprinting system can enhance your operational effectiveness and compliance with health and safety regulations.

Pre-Book Your Session

For those already planning to attend, we encourage you to book a consultation with us in advance. Simply respond below, and one of our national account managers will contact you to schedule a dedicated time slot. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss your specific needs and challenges and see how our solutions can be tailored to your organisation.

Don’t Miss Out – Register Now!

If you haven’t yet claimed your free pass to The Health & Safety Event, now is the time. Registration is still open, and you can sign up here to secure your spot. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how our technology can make a significant difference in your approach to workplace safety and employee wellness.

The Health & Safety Event at The NEC, Birmingham is an excellent platform for us to engage with the community and highlight how our fingerprint drug screening system can lead to safer, more efficient, and cost-effective operations. We look forward to meeting you there, sharing our knowledge and technology, and discussing how we can help your organization achieve its health and safety goals.

To find out more about the benefits of fingerprint drug screening please either schedule a no obligation online demo with one of our team to see the system in action, read through our case studies to see how the system has helped others in your industry, or contact us directly if you have any further questions.

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