The Alandale Group of Companies selects Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Test for workplace testing


Alandale Group Using Fingerprint drug test

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The Alandale Group of Companies selects Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Test for workplace testing

  • Fingerprint test being used by all of Alandale Group’s construction, scaffolding, logistics and security businesses across the UK, Belgium and Denmark
  • “We would highly recommend the fingerprint testing method to other businesses – it is easier to use and provides same day, on-site results”

The Alandale Group, which provides a wide range of support services to the construction industry, has selected the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Test to use across its portfolio of businesses, including Alandale Plant & Scaffolding, Alandale Logistics, Alandale Northern and Alandale Security. The innovative fingerprint-based Drug Screening System, which works by collecting and analysing tiny traces of sweat from a fingerprint to detect drugs, will be deployed at Alandale sites across the UK and Europe.

Alandale is using the solution for random testing of its 500-strong workforce to proactively enforce the Group’s drug usage policy, ensure a safe working environment and deliver a high standard of health and safety. Samples are easy to gather as the system is portable, hygienic and non-invasive, with fingerprint collection taking just five seconds and results for all the drug groups tested available in ten minutes. In the event of a positive screening result, a Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis is available to obtain laboratory verification of test results.

Drug testing is also a critical element of Alandale’s construction industry accreditation process, supporting the Group’s Safe Contractor, Construction Line, CHaS (Contractors Health and Safety) and the Construction Health and Safety Group accreditations, among others.

Sylvia Opara, Head of HR for The Alandale Group said: “We’ve selected the Intelligent Fingerprinting system to replace a urine test approach. We randomly test our workforce annually across all sites to encourage adherence to our drug usage policy and promote a safer workplace for all.

“We started using the Intelligent Fingerprinting System some months ago and, in contrast to the urine cup method we used before, our workers are much happier to provide a fingerprint sample as it is more dignified, and the testers find it easier to use,” Sylvia added. “All of this, in addition to having results within minutes, helps reduce the amount of time (and paperwork) needed to manage each random test. We are very impressed with the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug test and would be happy to recommend the fingerprint testing method to other businesses.”

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s Darren Hamshaw said: “The world’s first fingerprint-based drug test, from Intelligent Fingerprinting, provides a hygienic and dignified means of supporting a wide range of workplace drug testing scenarios – from pre-employment screens and random drug tests to post-accident investigations. The fact that fingerprint drug tests do not require specialised testing facilities or biohazard disposal, has meant that Alandale is finding the solution much easier to use than the urine method they have replaced. And with five-second sample collection and initial results available in just ten minutes, Intelligent Fingerprinting represents a faster and more convenient drug testing approach that not only underpins company drug policies but also – ultimately – helps to promote healthier, safer workplaces.”

Fingerprint-based drug testing – how it works

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s end-to-end drug testing solution features a small, tamper-evident drug screening cartridge which takes just five seconds to collect a fingerprint sweat sample. The Intelligent Fingerprinting portable analysis unit then reads the cartridge and provides a positive or negative result on-screen for cocaine, opiates, cannabis and amphetamines in ten minutes.

Should an employee’s initial screening test provide a positive result for any of the four drugs tested – in contravention of a firm’s drug and alcohol policy – two further sets of fingerprint samples are gathered for confirmation testing using the Intelligent Fingerprinting Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis. Informed written consent is obtained from the donor prior to sample collection, along with a statement of the donor’s prescription medication, if applicable.

Once confirmation samples have been collected, the Fingerprint Collection Cartridges are sent to Intelligent Fingerprinting’s partner laboratory for analysis. The laboratory provides the customer with a quantitative laboratory result in the form of a Certificate of Analysis.

An introductory video demonstrating fingerprint-based drug testing in action is available here.


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About Intelligent Fingerprinting
Launched in 2017, Intelligent Fingerprinting’s portable Drug Screening System works by analysing the sweat from a fingerprint sample. It is non-invasive, fast and cost-effective – screening for multiple drug groups simultaneously (currently amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine and opiates) with sample collection taking 5 seconds and results in minutes. A laboratory confirmation service is also available.

The system is currently being marketed to the criminal justice arena, drug rehabilitation services, offender management, workplace and occupational health services. The technique has potential for many other uses including healthcare diagnostics and homeland security applications.

Founded in 2007, Intelligent Fingerprinting is a spin-out company from the University of East Anglia (UEA).  The company is based in Cambridge, England and currently employs around 30 people. Twitter @iFingerprinting

About Alandale
The Alandale Group of Companies was established to provide a complete range of support services to clients, from providing help and assistance at the conception and planning stage of a project, to the support and implementation of our services during the construction process, through to ongoing services after a project is complete. The Group of companies consists of the following organisations: Alandale Logistics, Alandale Scaffolding, Alandale Northern and Alandale Security. The company currently employs around 500 people.

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