Award-winning fingerprint drug testing - quick, easy & hygienic

Safer, Socially Distant Drug Testing

Our fingerprint-based system offers a safe, simple approach to drug testing that’s quick, hygienic, and enables social distancing during use.

Face coverings can remain in place throughout testing and there’s no need for close contact or handling of biohazardous body fluids such as saliva or urine samples.  Fully portable, our system eliminates the need to call in external drug testers, helping you to lower infection risk and stay in control of costs by bringing testing in-house.

To learn more about how fingerprint drug testing could support your organization at this challenging time, click here or book an online demo today.

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Why fingerprint drug testing?

Our short video explains how fingerprint drug testing could support your organisation thanks to its non-invasive, quick and easy, more dignified approach. Please note that in the USA, the system is currently available for forensic use only.

Advantages of fingerprint drug testing


The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System has been designed to simplify and support drug screening programs across a range of applications, subject to appropriate regulatory approval. Currently available in the USA for forensic use only.

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